Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day Special

Planning to spend your Valentine's day at home? Then try these quick and easy Valentine's day special recipes and make your Valentine extra special.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Breakfast Smoothie Superbowl

Have a great start of the Valentine's day with this easy fullfilling, super healthy breakfast smoothie bowl!!! Just give a gorgeous makeover to your regular strawberry smoothie and bring a big smile on your Valentine's face πŸ˜†. This breakfast has everything nuts, seeds, cornflakes and fruits ; a perfect vitamins packed breakfast!! Just use your imagination and add any available ingredients at home. In fact, you can use any smoothie of your choice and serve it this way. So try this idea and cook the natural way!!!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Pomegranate Paneer Kabobs

The new year has begun and so is our resolution, so I am planning to celebrate this Valentine's day the healthier way (psst...except the chocolate treat πŸ˜‰). And as always we gonna stay at home and enjoy the day together. Keeping the recipes simple but special, I will spend less time in the kitchen and keep more time for us. Well, I think beetroots, pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries and other reddish stuff are perfect to bring out lovely colours that can make valentine dishes attractive. In this recipe, I used pomegranate as the base of the marinade. It came out so well. This recipe is perfect for lunch, I think. Just have them with any bread of your choice along with green Chutney! No chopping, no cutting , just fuss-free relaxing afternoon!!! So try this recipe and cook the natural way this Valentine!!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Gooseberry Winter Lemonade/ Amla Nimboo-Paani (Valentine's day special)

Celebrate HEALTH AND VALENTINE together with this lemonade!! Although the winters are going , still we feel the chill and If you are like me who loves to have lemonade in any season, at any time, then cheers! Isn't it so refreshing and mood changing?. And who says the lemonade is only for summers. I mean lemons help to detox your system, and we need to detoxify in winters too. The ingredients in this lemonade helps you fight winter related illnesses.And the gorgeous pink colour makes it perfect for Valentine's day!!
Now this lemonade has gooseberries which have many health benefits and are rich in Vitamin C, iron and vitamin B complex. Gooseberries are good for skin, hair, digestive system and are a powerful antioxidant.Tulsi (holy basil) is known to cure cough and cold, and so is ginger. Beet root gives this lemonade an additional health benefit and lovely colour too. So try this healthbooster drink this Valentine's day and cook the natural way!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pasta

Hello everyone! Christmas is just few days away and the market place looks so festive and merrier. Especially the bakery shops. I tried some mini cakes but the homemade cakes 🍰 have no equals. Christmas joy inevitably indulges you into sweets, bakes, cakes or heavy meals. So a light, yet fullfilling meal is  a wise choice.

This pasta recipe has an amazing taste of roasted red bell pepper that gives this pasta recipe a smokey flavoured sauce, instead of regular tomato based sauce or cream sauce, that we usually make. Adding cream is totally optional, or you can use coconut cream (or milk) instead. You can also make the bell pepper sauce ahead and store in refrigerator for upto 2 days or in freezer for upto a week. So try this pasta recipe and cook the natural way!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Coconut-Chocolate Truffles

 Look at these truffles, aren't they so inviting? These truffles are so addictive that they disappear the moment you serve them😁! Just 3 ingredients and you are done. These truffles are so easy, so quick and so simple to make. They are perfect for busy Christmas days! Serve them or eat them or gift them, you gonna love them!

These truffles have an amazing nutty flavour of coconut. They are sugar-free, dairy-free and glutenfree. The cool thing about these truffles is that you don't necessarily need to keep them in fridge to set. You can serve them right away. So try them and enjoy these guilt-free truffles!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Lemon-Thyme Brined Chicken

Hello everyone, Happy day to you all! I know you must be very busy with your Christmas preparations. Be it  home or a room makeover, make-ahead meals, shopping, guests, to name a few, . Still you need to keep the home festive-ready, need to cook festive treats and need to entertain guests. So few no-fuss recipes is what you need to make your work easier. And this recipe, with few ingredients, would just serve the purpose. Although it has very few ingredients, the way it is cooked, is what brings out an amazing taste! 

Lemon with any herb is a heavenly combination, isn't it? This chicken recipe has a beautiful lemoney flavour with the freshness of thyme. It is not a very spicy dish, but has a mild-elegant taste. And brining, yes the magic factor, takes any meat recipe to another level. I wet-brined for this recipe. With few spices, the brining creates a smooth spicy hint to the dish. So get the recipe down below and try it out and impress your family and friends. Wishes from cook the natural way!!!